Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The California Dream vs. The American Dream

Unlike the American Dream, which appears to glorify a lifestyle of contentment and strong family values, the California Dream emphasizes a world of fame and fortune. It promises that anyone can rise to super-stardom and live a life where all material desires are satisfied (which is markedly different from simply being content). Although there are many versions of the California Dream, there appears to be some common elements to each interpretation:

- Amazing weather
- Attractive men / women
- High income jobs
- Fame
- Security
- A sense of fulfillment

The most noticeable difference between the American Dream and the California Dream, as evidenced by the list above, is that the former highlights a sense of community and family whereas the latter is more concerned with personal gains. Additionally, it seems that the California Dream panders to young adults - the Dream offers the potential of great success and accomplishment. The American Dream, on the other hand, appeals to those who are looking to "settle down" so to speak - those who are seeking a comfortable, content life rather than one of fame and fortune.

Considering this difference, another major distinction between the American and Californian Dream arises: the success of one's chasing of the dream can be measured in the latter, but not in the former. It would be nearly impossible for one to say whether or not another had truly "accomplished" the American Dream since the ideas it glamorizes, particularly family values and contentment, are subjective in nature. However, since the Californian Dream is concerned with material wealth and gain, success in attaining the dream can be measured by how much wealth and fame one has.

The consequence of this difference is that more people become disillusioned about the California Dream. They realize that the fame and fortune promised only happens to a select few, and even those who do attain those are not necessarily happy. In the next post, I will be presenting a song which I feel embodies this sudden disillusionment.

Until next time, keep living that college dream!

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